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GUNBIRD 2 classic | LVL 1-4 | Android Gameplay


GUNBIRD 2 classic : Walkthrough and showing some of the game’s features.

Latest version of GUNBIRD series.

To break through difficult sections by collecting powerful elements of Sun, Moon, and Stars.

[How to control]
Able to operate character with drag, and missile is launching automatically.


  • 6 characters are available for free to play.
  • Hidden character Aine is immediately revealed without hidden features, so anyone can easily play.
  • Able to increase weapon power through acquiring P item.
  • Available “FULL POWER START” to begin the game with full power.
  • Can select one of difficulty among EASY, NORMAL, HARD, and VERY HARD.
  • Added melee attack system that gather the gauge and approach to the enemy’s proximity to deal powerful damage.
  • Able to use unique skill depends on character by pressing super shot button.
  • Bomb can be used to protect from enemies’ attack when the moment of crisis.
  • Able to get higher scores through acquiring coins with chain system.
  • Can get bombs during the gameplay.
  • Able to change the game screen as original screen in setting options.
  • Supported Achievement and Leader board.
  • Supported 16 Languages.


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