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Gigi Hadid poses as a grumpy elf as the world prepares for Christmas


Until the weekend, the colours of Thanksgiving ruled Gigi Hadid’s social media platform. The supermodel prepared the Thanksgiving meal and hosted mother Yolanda Hadid and Zayn Malik’s mother Trisha Malik on the occasion.

While photos from the holiday left us gushing, Gigi turned into an elf today courtesy an Instagram filter. The newbie mommy took to her Instagram Stories and switched on a filter that gives her elf ears and channelled the Christmas spirit.

The filter gave Gigi a blush as well. Gigi did not look impressed with the transformation. While the filter transformed her facial features, our attention also went to the chic necklace the model sported in the picture.

The golden chain was matched with a white sweater. Although Gigi might seem unimpressed, the photo did make her look adorable!

Check Gigi’s elf photo below: 


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