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Galaxy Glory | Android Walkthrough

galaxy glory is The cool & exciting shooting game

What sky shooting game will you play? galaxy glory a classic Raiden Barrage shooting game with roguelike gameplay and stunning raiden barrage. Join the league of Galaxy , become the sky force commander to protect the earth.

Drive the most stunning aircraft in hangar to combat with the evil empire. lead your Squadron to join blitz barrage and win this space battle.

galaxy glory is The cool & exciting shooting game, and has powerful barrage effect , To be a hero pilot to save the world, fire and shoot missiles to protect the galaxy in peace.

Memorable battles with enormous bosses will make you highly addicted to. Still, this game continues the classic of fighter plane game and filled with funny, which brings much flight shooting experience to players!

Of course, it is hard live in this bullets hell, the evil galactic empire maybe much stronger than your imagine, but the cool fighters and powerful skills is your backing.

The justice alliance will also provide high tech to help you control your fighter. Travel through the bullets in space battle. and feel the bullets whizzing by. help us ¬please!

May be you have tried other STG shooting games, but galaxy glory, the latest STG flagship version, can offer you real shooting experience that you never had before. So what do we have?
Rampage aircraft & roguelike gameplay.
Great equipment upgrade system.
Thrilling shooting effects.
Unique upgrade system.
Full voice over & incredible electronic soundtrack.

Get ready for your device getting hot and your finger getting sore!



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