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Do website traffic generating software really works?

The problem with all website traffic generating software is that any gain will be short lived because search engines know how to recognise fake traffic.

The question I’d ask is why you want to generate fake traffic in the first place because as I see it all this does is eat bandwidth?

I can understand how you might manage to improve the likes of a site Alexa rank if you were to subscribe to their verified traffic service and direct a lot of traffic to your site but is this really going to bring you customers?

For any commercial site to be successful you need customers to buy goods. You must look at ways to attract those customers and drive genuine traffic towards your site in the hope that some will buy.

Next you need to find why those who visited failed to purchase and see if there are things you can do to remedy the situation.

If you are still determined on using a traffic generator than select one that runs through proxy servers. You will undoubtedly need a subscription to a proxy facility and you need many proxies to see meaningful results.

The traffic it sends to your site must spend time browsing the site and moving between pages to mimic human behavior. One I identified in a search is Traffic Bot Pro, though I cannot endorse the product.

Ones to avoid are those that go directly to your site without conducting a search yet in the string they use it appears that they arrived via a search engine. Such a solution would prove detrimental to your rank.



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