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Difference between Crack and Original Windows Operating System?

Most of the users of computer use the crack version of Windows only because of its high price. And some users are using windows with buying the license. But if you look carefully, there is no difference between the original Windows and the crack Windows.

Now you can imagine if there is no difference in looking between original and crack windows, then what is the need to buying windows for use? And those who are buying windows, why those doing it?

Crack Windows :

Crack Windows » Walnox
Difference between Crack and Original Windows Operating System? » Walnox
  • Cracking Windows is a completely illegal use of Windows. Steal windows for using.
  • Crack Windows is activated with some software created by hackers, such as KMS, Windows Activator, and Re-loader etc.
  • Crack is the biggest problem in Windows, it can hang at any time, and may cause distractions in your work.
  • Crack Windows program files may be missing at any time, and it is unlikely that the instant missing file will be downloaded because the hackers are connected to the server.
  • Crack Windows users get Microsoft’s latest updates very late. If the device drivers are not instantly updated, then the PC becomes slow. New trouble is created in the workplace.
  • Crack Windows may require the use of antivirus to keep your computer free from viruses because crack antivirus cannot work properly in Windows. And due to the use of extra antivirus, your computer will become slower.
  • Since cracked Windows are activated by hackers, so undoubtedly all the databases in your computer are insecure. Hackers can grab your data at any time according to their practice.

Now many people can say or think that I have been using crack Windows for many years, but I do not have any problem. 

I just want to say them, maybe when you activated the crack with the tools created by Windows Hacker, your computer had been added to the hackers’ personal server, without adding to your Microsoft server. And the updates that you are getting, and maybe coming from the hackers’ server.

Original Windows :

Original Windows » Walnox
Difference between Crack and Original Windows Operating System? » Walnox
  • If you buy a windows license from Microsoft officially for your using purpose, then you’re an original windows user.
  • Original Windows is activated with the legitimate product key purchased from Microsoft. And to fully verify it, you have to activate it using Online Product Keys.
  • Original Windows is not likely to be down anytime. Original Windows can be down when your computer hardware has a problem.
  • For various reasons cracks are similar to Windows, so many files are missing in the original Windows, but it is much less than a crack. And if you’re missing files in the original Windows, you can’t understand and many times, because it is connected to Microsoft’s server, the missing files are automatically downloaded and installed.
  • Original Windows users get the latest updates of Microsoft as soon as they are released. And the new device drivers update makes the computer work much faster.
  • Original Windows is activated by Microsoft’s official serial key, and for this reason, it does not have to worry about data security.

At last, I want to say that, we use a lot of software on our computer. And the maximum software is paid. If you want to get all of those features, then you must be buying a license.

Otherwise, you will be able to that software for 7 or 30 days. It’s called the trial version of the software. And the trial version will not allow you to use all features. This alternative version is crack version.

If you want, you can easily download the crack version of your software from the internet, such as Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Illustrator, and much other essential software must be important for your work.

But the problem is that whenever you use the Crack version, you undoubtedly have to think that your computer is in control of someone else and it is in bigger trouble. From now on, think of what you will use!



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