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Cooking Tasty: Best Cooking Restaurant | LVL1-7 | Android Gameplay


Cook delicious food from all over the world only in Cooking Tasty

Become a chef king – or a cooking queen only available in Cooking Tasty: Best Cooking Restaurant, this is the best cooking game for you! have to be quick to madly prepare delicious dishes for the very hungry customers.

With a wide selection of upscale restaurants and locations, you’ll cook from desserts – fast food you’ll show off your skills with hundreds of ingredients to cook the best dishes.

Take advantage of kitchen appliances, coffee makers, frying pans, rice cookers, pizza ovens, processed ingredients such as lamb, beef, etc. to make coffee cups, the best hamberger, biscuits.

Passing from restaurant to restaurant on a world map, processing – cooking delicious food you will please extremely fastidious customers. But don’t forget to upgrade the dishes and utensils in the kitchen for a better experience.


  • Thousands of delicious dishes, prepared from the chef king
  • Travel around the world to cook signature dishes
  • Unlock new restaurants to experience
  • Continuously upgrade to become the king of chefs

Come on, let’s go to the kitchen and cook. Free download Cooking Tasty: Best Cooking Restaurant !!!!


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