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Cheapest skincare trend to achieve baby soft skin overnight


If you care way too much about your beauty, you might be someone who goes crazy when a new form of skincare or new product starts to gain some popularity. People now have started exploring quite a lot with their skincare routines.

You must also know how K-beauty has been catching up in the Indian market and we’re here to bring you another new K-beauty-inspired trend that is taking over the Internet. While a lot of us spent 2020 trying and rejecting new products, it’s now time to embrace the ‘slug life’.

For people who have dry and combination skin types, this one is for you. You might know how sometimes your skin feels dehydrated and tired, well, ‘slugging’ is what can greatly help you.

This technique requires you to religiously lather yourself in a heavy moisturiser like petroleum jelly before bedtime. Vaseline is the one popular product that people usually recommend as it gives an extremely moisturised and dewy finish to your skin.

People with oily skin should stay away from this trend. Because in slugging, you moisturises the skin which tends to clog the pores as you are using a heavy moisturiser. Even for people with dry and combination skin, you need to make sure that you use this method only on days when you feel your skin is getting very irritated and dry.

When you use Vaseline in a considerable amount, you will have to make sure to not use the rest of your beauty products that day. Petroleum jelly helps to lock in moisture and creates a barrier layer over the skin. Hence, make sure your skin gets the rest that it deserves during a ‘slug day’.

You can indulge in a slug day right after you’ve had a tiring week. You can also make use of it on a day where you’ve overdone your makeup and your skin needs an extra pump of hydration and moisture. It’s a really cheap and effective technique to get really soft skin the next morning.

Above all, listen to what your skin needs and pick on those signs. If your skin feels irritated or develops a pimple, don’t use this moisturisation method at all.


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