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Best Ways To Fix iPhone Lightning Port Not Working

Below are the five solutions that you can try to fix iphone Lightning port not working. You should try them before booking an appointment at the Apple Store to fix the issue.

1. Restart Your iPhone

When your iPhone’s Lightning port stops working suddenly, the very first thing that you should try is to restart the smartphone. In some cases, the issue will get resolved after the restart if the problem was due to a software glitch.

2. Use Different Cable

If restarting your iPhone didn’t help fix the problem, you should try using a different Lightning cable to connect with your smartphone. There is a possibility that the issue is with the cable and not the lightning port on your Apple iPhone.

3. Use Another Charger

Another that you can try if both the above-mentioned solutions didn’t work is using a different charger. If the Lightning cable you are using is working fine but the charging port on your iPhone isn’t working, then ensure that the issue isn’t with the charger, and for this, you should try using a different charger.

Tip: Try avoiding cheap or fake chargers and instead go with the official charger from Apple or chargers from known brands that have been certified by Apple.

4. Clean The Lightning Port

If nothing from the above tips helped fix the Lighting port issue on your iPhone, another thing you can try is cleaning the Lightning port. If you are often in an area with a dusty environment, there’s a high possibility that the port has stopped working due to the accumulation of dust. Just try blowing some air in the port and then check if clearing debris has helped fix the issue.

5. Update Your iPhone

You should also try updating your Apple iPhone to the latest version of the operating system if you are not already running the latest iOS build. Using the newer version of the software ensures that the external device you are trying to connect using the Lightning port is compatible with the version you are running on your iPhone.

At last, if none of these five solutions work, then it’s highly likely that there is a problem with the Lightning port on your iPhone and it’s a hardware issue. The last thing you need to do is visit the Apple Store and get the device fixed.



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