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Behind The Moment: Como La Flor | Selena : The Series


Behind The Moment offers an inside look at what went into the preparation and filming for some of the most unforgettable scenes in Selena: The Series.

The first episode focuses on the climactic scene that opens the show: a concert where Selena y Los Dinos are playing her hit song “Como la Flor” in front of an audience of thousands.

We follow Christian Serratos, who plays Selena Quintanilla, as she begins to learn the iconic choreography months before filming begins, and we see the hard work that the entire team puts in.

The spectacular journey peaks with a long day of filming, during which we see the extensive hair and makeup process Christian undergoes before performing with her castmates and taking the stage.

Behind The Moment is directed by Greko Sklavounos.

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