Monday, June 14, 2021
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How to Group Apps By Category on Android in 2020

It’s of no doubt that Android is right now the most popular mobile operating system. The operating system is right now powering millions of...

Jurassic World | Final Battle Scene HD

0 The final battle between Indominus Rex, Tyrannosaurus Rex, and Velociraptors as it appeared in Jurassic World.

All Fight Scene with Dwayne Johnson | Skyscraper

0 Will Sawyer (Dwayne Johnson) must rescue his family trapped in the worlds tallest skyscraper after it is taken over by terrorists and set on...

Every Epic Orc Battle | Warcraft

0 Battle for Azeroth with these brutal orc fight scenes from Warcraft!

Every Jaeger Fight | Pacific Rim: Uprising

0 Giant robots vs. Kaiju, what could be better? Settle in for every Jaeger fight in Pacific Rim: Uprising!

The City of London Devours Bavaria for Fuel | Mortal Engines

0 In a world where cities roam the earth on wheels, you'll need to get fuel somewhere... Watch this thrilling chase scene from visionary filmmaker...

John Cena vs. a Car | Window Blockers

0 Lisa (Leslie Mann,) Mitchell (John Cena,) and Hunter (Ike Barinholtz) see their daughters exchanging some strange emojis. Hunter is able to decode the emojis...

Surviving a Pit Full of Giant Bugs | King Kong

0 Bugs are creepy enough on their own, but it's even worse when they're as big as you and trying to eat your face. Can...

Telekinesis Car Chase | Lucy Movie scene

0 Lucy (Scarlett Johannson) is now able to use over 50% of her brain power, giving her telekinetic abilities and control over the computer systems...

Vlad’s Vampires vs. the Ottoman Army | Dracula Untold

0 Who would win in a fight, Vlad the Impaler (newly named Count Dracula) and his army of vampires, or Sultan Mehmed II and the...

Every Gladiator Battle Scene | Gladiator

0 Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Academy-Award winning film by watching all the epic fight scenes with Maximus (Russell Crowe)! 

Kristen Wiig’s Funniest Moments | Bridesmaids

0 Annie (Kristen Wiig) always gets herself into some crazy but hilarious situations. Watch some of Kristen Wiig's funniest moments in Bridesmaids!