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Amber Heard ‘demanded’ ex-assistant to lie in order to get her out of legal trouble

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s court war seems to be intensifying with each passing day  as new claims have been coming afloat since the libel trial began.

As the proceedings began on Wednesday, the court was told that Heard, 34, had “threatened” her assistant into lying to Australian authorities upon her getting caught illegally taking two pooches into the country with no paperwork.

She had been taken into custody back in 2015 and was even on the verge of facing a 10-year prison sentence for smuggling the Yorkshire terriers to Oz.

Estate manager for Johnny Depp, Kevin Murphy told London’s High Court that he had lied to the authorities in order to refract blame from Heard.

He had signed documents that asserted that Kate James, Heard’s newly-dismissed assistant, was to be blamed for the missing paperwork and she was simply left unaware of the case when she flew.

Murphy went on to assert that Heard had even asked him to tell James to also “lie under oath” about Heard being unaware of her travelling with her pets being illegal, adding that “Ms. Heard was aware that this was illegal, because I had informed her repeatedly by email, telephone and in person.”

An email exchange with lawyer Marty Singer was also heard by the court where he told the actor that if her former assistant could sign a statement, it would be of great help to her.

“I don’t know what your relationship with her is at this time since you fired her. You will have to be careful that she will co-operate and not go public if you ask her not to be truthful,” Singer’s email read.

Murphy went on to tell the court: “I told Ms. Heard that I was uncomfortable with giving a false statement to the court and that I would not ask Ms. James to do so.”

He admitted that he gave into the idea after Heard “threatened” him to “commit perjury” on her behalf.

“That’s what I was asked to agree to, and had the threat of losing my job or having trouble with my job,” Murphy said.

“Ms. Heard’s threatening language made me feel anxious and uneasy. Amber wielded a lot of power and would have made my life miserable,” he said.

He added that he also warned Heard of extreme “legal ramifications” and was taken aback when she went ahead with it regardless of his caution.

Regarding Heard’s ex-husband Johnny Depp, Murphy said: “Johnny’s never asked me to lie.”

“Johnny never wanted the dogs to travel; it was always Amber who wanted the dogs to travel,” he added.

Lawyer of British tabloid, The Sun, that Depp is suing, Sasha Wass said: “You are now admitting that you committed perjury in Australia as a result of something your boss’ wife asked you to do?”

“That’s correct,” admitted Murphy.



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