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Add Podcasts to Apple Watch [iPhone/iPad]

The Apple Watch can store stuff like music and podcasts since it has built-in storage for it. All you need is a pair of Bluetooth earphones or Airpods to pair up with the Apple Watch and you are good to go listening to the Podcasts.

But how to add Podcasts to Apple Watch? Here’s how.

  • Launch Watch app on the iPhone or iPad.
  • Under the My Watch section, swipe to the bottom and tap on Podcasts.
  • Tap on Custom to manually select Podcasts you want to sync.
  • Choose the Podcasts using the toggle switch to listen to them directly on your Apple Watch.

That’s all, you are now all set to add Podcasts to Apple Watch. By default, your Apple Watch automatically syncs one episode from each of the 10 shows on the top, but switching to the Custom setting will allow you to download three episodes on Apple Watch from every show you select.

All the podcasts that are synced to your Apple Watch will be available for streaming immediately.



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