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Aalyah Mysterio announces that she loves Buddy Murphy

During a backstage segment on WWE Friday Night SmackDown, Aalyah Mysterio told Buddy Murphy that her mom is open-minded but her father and brother Rey and Dominik Mysterio are not on board with what is going on. The impression given is that Murphy and Aalyah are officially a couple.

Later in the show, Aalyah Mysterio and Murphy walked to the ring with their arms locked. Buddy Murphy said he understands why Dominik and Rey despise him but he wanted to assure everyone that he is not the same person that he was and he has done terrible things but he wanted to apologize to Rey and Dominik face to face.

Seth Rollins walked out to say that Rey and Dominik will never forgive Murphy and they will never accept him as he is and they will never accept whatever is going on between him and Aalyah.

Rollins said he would accept Murphy and he will forgive him and he will embrace his new relationship and he will marry them if that is what they want.

Rollins then said that he sees that Aalyah is starting to accept that Seth is not a bad guy and it’s her father and brother who is controlling her by telling her who she can talk to or see.

Rollins then called Dominik a coward and then Dominik ran in to attack Rollins. Murphy pulled Dominik off and then went to attack Rollins.

After this, a brawl broke out between Dominik and Murphy as Rey ran out to pull Murphy off. That led to both Rey and Dominik taking out Murphy but Aalyah stopped her father from giving Murphy the 619.



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