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5 ways : Open Windows Explorer on Windows 10


How do you open Windows Explorer on your computer? Do you use the This PC shortcut on the desktop or use the Taskbar icon to open it? Whether your mouse isn’t working or you want more easy ways to open it, you can launch Windows Explorer in multiple ways. Here they are.

1) Using Keyboard Shortcut

The easiest way to open Windows Explorer using a keyboard shortcut is to press the Windows Key + E, this will instantly open the Explorer and you can browse the files from there.

If your mouse is broken or you just prefer a keyboard shortcut, this is the perfect way to quickly launch Windows Explorer. If you are not using it, now you know.

  • Windows Key + E

2) Using Task Manager

While you can easily open the Explorer using the Run command, there’s another way to do it and it’s the Task Manager that will help you out.

Instead of using the shortcut Windows Key + R and typing the ‘explorer‘ in it, why not use the Task Manager. Launching Windows Explorer using Task Manager is easy, you just need to use the New task option in it.

  1. Press CTRL + ALT + DEL to open Task Manager.
  2. Click on More details at the bottom.
  3. Click on File -> Run new task and type ‘explorer‘.
  4. Hit Enter or OK and Windows Explorer will open up.

3) Using Power User Menu

One more way you can open Windows Explorer is to use the Power User Menu which is hidden under the Windows Start button.

All you need to do is right-click on the Windows button in the bottom left corner and select the File Explorer option.

  • Right-click on the Windows Start button and choose File Explorer.

4) Using Start Menu

You can also use the Start Menu to quickly launch File Explorer. First, click on the Start button in the corner and then scroll down the list of apps and click Windows System. Under that, File Explorer to open it.

You can also pin the File Explorer icon to the sidebar in the Start Menu. Click Settings -> Personalization -> Start, and then click Choose which folders appear on Start.

On the next screen, turn on the slider File Explorer option. File Explorer icon will now appear in the sidebar of the Start Menu.

5) Ask Cortana

If you are using a laptop or your PC has a microphone attached, why not ask Cortana to open Windows Explorer. Nothing is easier than this, you don’t require a mouse or a keyboard, just ask Cortana ‘Open File Explorer‘ after clicking the Cortana icon which is the circle in the taskbar and the microphone icon.

Whatever you ask will also appear on the screen and Cortana will respond with ‘I’ll Open File Explorer‘ and you are done.


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