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5 Types of Clay : Best for Skin Care

People have been using clay for a variety of uses since time immemorial. From household usage to skin care or medicinal or therapeutic uses, a number of clay options are available.

When one says clay, most people think of mud, however, cosmetic clay is much more than that. It can come from weathered volcanic ash or even decomposed plant material.

They house all the benefits of their source materials with minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and silica.

It can absorb impurities from pores or help minimise their size. It can help treat skin ailments like acne or allergy or even sever sunburns.

Clay also helps in balancing oil production the skin pores. There is a wide variety of clays, each suited for a particular use.

Here are some popular clays and their benefits.

1.Multani Mitti

Also known as Fuller’s Earth this is every Indian grandmother’s recipe for perfect skin. It acts as an oil absorber. It can also be used a mild bleach. Not suitable for people with very dry skin but can be used once in a while by all.

2. Bentonite clay

Every beauty blogger’s favourite clay is a very porous substance. It can reduce swelling as it absorbs water. Helps remove impurities from skin and tighten it.

3. French Green clay

This sea clay has a greenish hue because of decomposed plant material and iron oxide. It’s great at absorbing toxins and impurities from the skin and boosts blood circulation.

4. Kaolin Clay

It comes in a variety of colours like white, yellow, pink, etc. White is good for sensitive skin whereas yellow is good for exfoliation. Red can be used for absorbing impurities. Pink is simply a mix of white and red and has their combined benefits.

5. Rhassoul Clay

Originating from Morocco, the compound can be used on face and hair. Helps in absorbing impurities, it is also good for removing blackheads. For hair, it helps boost volume and shine.



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