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4 famous people who sold their souls in exchange for fame and fortune

We all have heard those mysterious stories about famous people selling their souls to the devil in exchange for riches and superpowers. Whether it is true or not, some of these people have shown us quite unmistakable signs that demonstrate they have turned to the dark forces.

They say that making a deal with the devil can help anyone fulfill any dream, get love and recognition, or earn almost unlimited wealth – basically, anything they want in life in exchange for their soul after death.

Here is the list of four people who are believed to sell their souls to the devil for fame and success – and it’s up to you to decide whether it is truth or fiction!

Niccolo Paganini :

4 famous people who sold their souls in exchange for fame and fortune
4 famous people who sold their souls in exchange for fame and fortune » Walnox

Niccolo Paganini was a talented musician who learned to play the violin at the age of five. By the age of 11, he had already performed several times in front of the audience, and at the age of 15, he went on a world tour. However, unlike other prominent musicians, Niccolo Paganini didn’t get enough praise for his talent, as many people thought he was in league with the devil through his mother, who was obsessed with her son’s triumph. Paganini’s talent, indeed, seemed supernatural. His memory for music and ability to quickly move his fingers looked impossible. Today’s brightest minds suppose he had two medical disorders manifested in his long fingers and hyperelastic skin.

Despite all the achievements, Paganini’s life went down the drain soon. He became an alcoholic when he was just 15, and as Paganini grew up, he began looking worse and worse, with his face spoiled by excessive drinking. 

Many believed that the devil helped Paganini play. Others claimed that he could split himself into doubles and walk around the hall while performing. 

When Paganini was 50, he got so ill that doctors were convinced he would soon die. However, Paganini freaked out and promised to get better on his own. Unfortunately, he didn’t survive.

Aleister Crowley :

2831 » Walnox
4 famous people who sold their souls in exchange for fame and fortune » Walnox

There was no doubt that Aleister Crowley turned to the devil. In fact, he was a renowned leader of a mystic gathering. When Aleister was a child, he started rejecting the Bible. On this basis, his mother often called him a demon and told him off for his incredulity.

As a result, Aleister began describing himself as “the Beast” and made many claims regarding the dark and the light fighting for his soul. In one of his books, he even stated that God and Satan had been fighting for his soul for three long hours. 

In fact, Alistair viewed Satanism from a Quaker perspective. The Quakers had firm beliefs on this subject, as they assumed that any views outside of God were considered satanic.

Within his occult, Aleister lived upon the phrase which implied to do whatever you wanted. He also supported others in their aspirations and goals.

Johann Georg Faust :

01 » Walnox
4 famous people who sold their souls in exchange for fame and fortune » Walnox

Many people believe that Johann Georg Faust, a German, was an astrologer, alchemist, and magician who lived in the 16th century. With a desire to enjoy life as much as possible, Faust made a pact with the devil called Mephistopheles.

This deal enabled Faust to plunge into numerous immoral activities such as seducing his male students and being mean and vicious to others.

Faust was the type of individual who despised everyone else and was convinced of his greatness. Many priests were sure that Faust had a connection with the dark forces, which was the only explanation of his appalling behavior.

In addition, Faust had a dog, which was believed to be a demon that could change from an animal to a human servant at any time. 

Faust’s life ended tragically. He allegedly perished in an explosion of an alchemical experiment. His body was reportedly found in a “greatly mutilated” condition, explained by the supposition that the devil had come to collect him in person.

Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa :

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4 famous people who sold their souls in exchange for fame and fortune » Walnox

Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa was another outstanding intellectual in the 1500s who liked writing about the supernatural. Some believed that he was smitten with the devil due to numerous mentions his books abounded with.

He also described witches and the way they managed to accomplish magic spells. Agrippa included so many details in his writings that people wondered where he could take such information. 

In fact, he expressed interest in Satanism from a young age, following groups of witches who resided around the town, which enabled him to learn some mystic practices.

Later on, however, he met Jesus and begged for salvation, after which he committed his life to guide others who had gone astray. 

During his lifetime, Agrippa published eight books about the occult, which proved that he never disguised his admiration for the devil. Luckily, despite his weird behavior, he was never imprisoned or tortured for mysticism. Perhaps Satan himself kept him alive, or people were simply interested in his stories of witchcraft and magic.



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