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18.9 feet, this is the longest Burmese python ever caught in Florida


It was a normal day for two snake hunters, Ryan Ausburn and Kevin Pavlidis, when they came across a Burmese python while looking for such snakes in a marsh. Never in their wildest dreams had they imagined that the one they came across is the longest ever python caught in the state. 

With a lot of effort and possibly risking their lives, the men stood on each end as Ausburn decided to capture the tail and Pavlidis tried to get hold of its head. The snake started to violently thrash about when the tail was held in the former’s hand but the latter was eventually able to control it and catch the head as well. 

Weighing around 104 pounds (47 kgs), it was a mammoth task at hand to get the snake out of the water body. Kevin Pavlidis narrated the entire ordeal on his Facebook page. Take a look. 

“@feel_the_burm_ and I are professionals and we got the snake under control quickly but it was a BATTLE. Really I am just incredibly grateful for this opportunity and an experience I will never forget. Realize what you have when you have it and cherish the experience in the moment, “Pavlidis said in a part of the otherwise large caption to the post. 

The Florida Fish and Wildlife posted on their Facebook page as well, lauding the men for their efforts who are a part of the state-run Python Elimination Programme. 

Both the posts went viral instantly. Netizens were just stunned by how huge the snake. Some also called ‘eerie’ as snakes are not exactly the kind of animal many people fancy.

As of now, the current record in Florida is not known but till then, this snake might actually be the longest ever caught in the state. 

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